60612_601237056595675_573962318_nJoliet Catholic Academy’s American Red Cross Club planted a tree in remembrance of 9/11 victims on Friday, September 13. The tree is located in Wishing Well Court near several mature trees. It can be easily identified by the big, red bow around it. Angels and Hillmen were pretty excited about the planting. Additional photos from the event can be found on our Facebook page:  JCA Official Facebook Page

JCA’s American Red Cross Club surfaced at JCA in 2013 and mirrors the goals and focus of the American Red Cross. The club is dedicated to aiding the community locally and nationally in a variety of ways. JCA’s Red Cross Club’s objective is to organize two projects a semester in order to support the Red Cross. The club, moderated by faculty member Samantha Bush, raises money in fun ways in order to help the American Red Cross give back at a national level to families in need.

For more information on JCA’s American Red Cross Club, contact Mrs. Bush at 815.741.0500.

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