joe_careyMotivating. Realistic. Humorous.  A combination of inspiring alumnus and enthusiastic leader.

That’s how Angels and Hillmen described Joe Carey, a 1964 graduate from Joliet Catholic High School, who recently addressed over 125 members of the JCA Student Ambassadors club. Carey returned to Joliet Catholic Academy to speak to the group about the importance of being a good role model and representative for JCA. He encouraged those attending the presentation to share with others what excites them about JCA.

JCA_IMG 020_web“Being a student ambassador is a great opportunity,” Carey said. “Combining the information you have about JCA with your unique personality and sharing it with others is what will get others excited about JCA. Solicit from your friends what excites them, gather information to help you explain what excites you about JCA, and you’ll be a great Student Ambassador for the school.”

“Being a good leader is not difficult if you remember four major strategies,” Carey said. “1) Set goals… dreams with deadlines. Focus is easiest on short-term goals. No goal is too small as long as it leads to something higher.  2) Commitment, it’s more than a state of mind. It is a journey, not an end product. Your day-to-day-activities must lead to something higher. 3) Ask for feedback. Feedback helps you to be better and warns you when you go off course. 4) Build and maintain relationships. Relationships are different, yet equally important for everyone because we are all different.”

Carey received his B.S. from St. Joseph’s College (Indiana) and his M.B.A. in Human Resource Management from Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio.  He has a plethora of knowledge and experience. During his career, Carey has been employed by influential companies and organizations, such as Big Lots, Inc., Dynamic Managements Systems, Indiana University/Purdue University of Indianapolis, Target Stores, and Price Waterhouse.

JCA_IMG 027_webThe faith and tradition Carey experienced at Joliet Catholic have always been prominent in his life. Carey was born and raised in Joliet, IL. He is married and currently resides in Indianapolis, IN.

Carey has not slowed down since his retirement from Big Lots, Inc. in 2006. In his free time, he volunteers at a homeless shelter preschool and the Indianapolis Visitors Call Center.

Final words of advice from Carey included, “Beware of overanalyzing. Take responsibilities for your own actions. It is a gift to be a Joliet Catholic Academy student ambassador. Enjoy the journey, that’s the best part.”

At the conclusion of the presentation, Mary Ragusa, JCA’s Director of Admissions and Student Ambassador Moderator, addressed the students, “You are all leaders! Being a leader is a great experience, one that will be with you for the rest of your life.”

Ragusa continued, “Mr. Carey has extensive experience presenting on the subject of leadership as well as discussing the responsibilities and skills necessary for effective leadership. It was an honor to have him here and a benefit for our students.”

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