This year’s Annual Spirit Raffle took place from September 5th through October 9th.   The raffle drawing was held on October 11th. This year’s winners included four JCA families which was doubly rewarding.

$5,000 – Steve Hehn (JCHS Class of 1988)
$2,500 – Steve Papesh – father of Kaitlin Papesh – Junior at JCA
$1,500 – Zurliene Family – Taylor Zurliene – Freshmen at JCA
$500 – Thomas Meyer – father of Thomas & Megan Meyer – Senior & Freshman
$500 – Brad & Joan Chamberlin – parents of Sara Chamberlin – Sophomore at JCA

The top student sellers (the Bruggemans sold over $3,000 worth and the other students all sold over $1,000) were:

Melissa Bruggeman – Senior
Chance Bruggeman – Sophomore
Anthony Costa – Sophomore
Jordan Missig – Sophomore

This annual fundraising event for our JCA families is a challenge especially since it is mandatory.  However, it is heartwarming to see so many families really step up, meet this challenge and even sell over their quota.  It’s also a tribute to our JCA family for their support of the raffle.  Many students sold tickets to many of our faculty and staff members.  The funds realized from this raffle are a result of our JCA community working together for the benefit of our school!  Keep in mind that the winner of the $5,000 this year bought just 4 tickets to win.  Please remember this when you are asked to buy a ticket next year! The entire JCA family thanks you for your support.

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