Have you ever lost something and been sure it was gone forever? Dr. Jay Larkin (JCHS ’60) sure did. One night, Jay and his sweetie Carolyn went out for a date at the Rialto Theater. He had recently given her his class ring because they were going steady.  She wore the ring with an angora string around her finger. Carolyn went to the powder room and took the class ring off to wash her hands. She returned back to Jay and realized she no longer had her beloveds ring on her finger, but when she went back to the washroom to fetch it – it was nowhere to be found.

Now, some 54 years later Jay got an email from JCA’s Rosie Costa saying that an anonymous individual had returned the ring to Jostens. He and his now wife were both floored when they received the message and just couldn’t believe it. Though Carolyn would be anxious to see the ring, Jay joked that he would not be giving it back to her but that she could just hold it instead.



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