Mary Ann Worst returns to JCA



Mary Ann Worst Foreign Language teacher

Mary Ann Worst started her teaching career at Rosary Catholic High School in Aurora. This was far from her home, so she sought employment closer to home and found her way to JCA where she spent 25 years before retiring in 2007. When additional sections of Spanish were added this year, Mrs. Worst returned to help fill the need. In addition to teaching, she currently works part time as a receptionist at The Inn at Willow Falls, a senior assisted living facility. Although she left Joliet Catholic Academy, she was still able to interact with many of the students when they volunteered their time at The Inn as part of their Christian Service experience. At JCA, Mrs. Worst hopes to encourage her students to build strong Christians values, to be tolerant and accepting of others, and to treat others with kindness and respect. She continues to teach her students the importance of learning a second language and an awareness of other cultures and their traditions. Mrs. Worst graduated from Lewis University with a major in Spanish and minors in French and English. She has two daughters, Jenna Worst Ponio ’97 and Elise Worst.

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