Nick Leonard Joins the JCA Family

Nick_leonard (1)

Nicholas Leonard Guidance Counselor

For Nicholas Leonard, coming to JCA is an opportunity for him to grow both personally and professionally at a prestigious school. Before arriving at JCA, Leonard served as a counselor at both Pleasant Plains Middle School and Plains Prairie High School in Sangamon County, IL. Outside the classroom, Mr. Leonard plans to be a coach on both the JCA’s basketball and baseball teams because this will give him an opportunity to get to know his students on a different level and to see how they respond and react in a competitive environment. He believes deeply in the quote by former hockey player Wayne Gretzky, “You miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take.” As a counselor at JCA, he wants to empower the students by giving them the courage to follow their dreams and encouraging them to take big leaps throughout their lives. He holds a bachelor’s in communications from Blackburn College and a master’s in school counseling and guidance from Lewis University. In his spare time, Mr. Leonard enjoys golf, working out, coaching and spending time with his family.

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