Retreat and Service Day at JCA

Friday, November 14th, is Retreat and Service Day at JCA. Freshmen, Sophomores and Juniors will have their annual Day of Reflection and Seniors will have a day of service, either serving as speakers and discussion leaders at the Freshmen Retreat or going outside the building to provide a day of service at various agencies in the Joliet area. This is a regular day of school for all students; students are expected to be in attendance. The retreat themes for the underclassmen are as follows: Freshmen—Belonging, Sophomores—Respecting Myself and Others, Juniors—Discipleship with Christ. The school day will begin at the regular time and end at approximately 2:30 p.m. Seniors going off campus for service will be bused to their prospective sites by either JCA mini bus or First Student Bus Service. All students on campus will receive a free lunch; those seniors going off campus for service need to bring a bag lunch. Dress for the day for all students is spirit wear. JCA faculty and staff will also take part in the service day providing supervision for the various retreats or as chaperones for the various groups going off campus for service. Please pray for the success of our day!

One of the service projects schedule is working with New Life for Old Bags.A local woman has dedicated her retirement years to making plastic bag blankets for the homeless. She has figured out a brilliant way to weave together plastic shopping bags into a blanket that she then donates to local homeless shelters. This woman has offered to come to JCA on our service day and work with a group of students and faculty on making blankets. In order to do this, we need plastic bags. Donations of plastic shopping bags are being accepted in JCA’s Main Office through Thursday, November 13. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Submitted by: Campus Ministry

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