Technology taking off at JCA


Technology at Joliet Catholic Academy is surely taking off! Over the summer, Joliet Catholic Academy completed fifteen classrooms on the first round of their technology equity plan.

These classrooms are equipped with ceiling mounted speakers and ceiling mounted projectors, Panduit raceway, a document camera, and an eight foot by eight foot screen.

The high school is providing faculty with professional development opportunities to enhance the curriculum through the use of technology in the classroom. Joliet Catholic Academy students graduate with a comfort level in multiple platforms best preparing them for post-secondary education.

“Our goal is to provide the best education possible with the use of the most effective technological skills, software, and equipment,” commented Laura Pahl, Vice Principal for Curriculum and Technology.

Another exciting change was the increase of the school’s bandwidth from 10 megabits per second to 50 megabits per second. This surely is beneficial for all the members of the Joliet Catholic Academy community.

In addition, computer center classroom (Lab 1) was replaced with 36 new student PC workstations, and the PC software in Lab 4 of the computer center has been upgraded. This means that all of the Joliet Catholic Academy computer center classrooms are running software that includes Windows 7 and the Office 2013 Professional suite.

JCA is in the process of migrating all of the school’s computers to Windows 7, ordering and installing new servers, and beginning another round of their technology equity plan.

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