Senior Kyle Searcy all set for upcoming Eagle Scout Court of Honor

Kyle Searcy posing for a photo after advancing to Eagle Scout in Troop 22

Kyle Searcy posing for a photo after advancing to Eagle Scout in Troop 22

Joliet Catholic Academy senior Kyle Searcy will be honored on Saturday, February 27, 2016 with his advancement to Eagle Scout. Romeoville Troop 22 will honor Kyle with an Eagle Scout Court of Honor.

Searcy completed his Eagle Scout project (which must be finished by the age of 18) this fall in conjunction with MorningStar Mission. Kyle organized his troop and the community while making thirty survival kits for the homeless. The kits included personal hygiene products. Searcy sought out various stores, churches, individuals, and cash donations in order to assemble all thirty kits.

“I learned how to modify an original plan to make it work. We initially sought out larger department stores to donate, but only hear back from two stores. It took creativity and communication between individuals to get this done. For example we posted messages on social media, and even received a donation of fifty combs from one woman,” said Searcy.

Kyle’s ingenuity runs in the family, as father Ken and an uncle are also Eagle Scouts. Ken became an Eagle Scout in 1985 and is a Scouting Leader to this day. “Scouting emphasized an increased opportunity for a moral compass for Kyle. The positive reinforcement from scouting gives him something more to live for, and the 12 points of Scout Law are daily reminders for how we live,” said Ken Searcy.

Just as Kyle’s father and uncle have given back to the scouting community, Kyle has also assumed a leadership role over the last several years. Kyle served as a Troop Chaplain aid, and hopes to one day become a Troop Chaplain. Troop 22 currently does not have a Chaplain, so as the aid Kyle has assumed all of the associated duties. In this role, Kyle provides a spiritual tone for all troop meetings and camping experiences, while also administering to the younger scouts with spiritual counseling when needed or requested.

Ken Searcy added, “One of my proudest moments has been watching Kyle grow up in scouting and seeing him working with younger scouts around the campfire discussing happenings, memories, and corrective actions.”

In his spare time Kyle volunteers at the upcoming Lenten fish fry and Harvest Day at St. Andrew the Apostle in Romeoville. He is a member of the JCA Band and Drama Club, and was recently inducted into Mu Alpha Theta (Math National Honor Society). He also works as a stagehand at the Phillip Lynch Theater at Lewis University.

During his scouting career Kyle has earned the Catholic Eagle Scout Scholarship, a Merit Badge in Riflery from Camp Blackhawk, a scuba diving certificate, a Totin’ Chip scout license (for carrying knives and tools), and the Paul Bunyan Woodsman Certificate. Kyle is also certified in scuba diving.

Kyle’s involvement both at JCA and in scouting have created a well-rounded teenager who hopes to become a CPA after majoring in accounting at Lewis University. Ken Searcy added, “From JCA to Scouts they’ve all supported one another. The attitude and perspective that each provide has given Kyle a consistent message to live his life by.”

One of Kyle’s favorite past times involves whittling walking sticks while sitting around the campfire. It’s a process that takes time, attention to detail, and is easy to get off track with. It’s similar to the process of becoming an Eagle Scout. Kyle said, “Less than one percent of all scouts achieve the rank of Eagle Scout, and it’s a dwindling number as teens are pulled in different directions with 21st century distractions. I’ve tried to avoid many of those distractions and stay to true to what I’ve learned in scouting.”

Whether it’s that attention to detail around the campfire, or out in his community with his actions helping others, Searcy has put in the time and effort to create something lasting for his scouting troop, his high school, and his community.

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