JCA joining Habitat for Humanity with Portillo’s Fundraiser

Portillio's fundraiserq

Help Keep Your School Out of the “Dog House”.

Do you know what the first Portillo’s was know as?
It was the “Dog House”.

Will County Habitat for Humanity is hosting a fundraising night at Portillo’s this Thursday, March 2nd from 5 PM-8 PM.
The flyer with all the details is below.

We are setting up a healthy competition between JCA and Providence Catholic High School (Official Site).

Don’t let your school be in the ‘Dog House” at our next “Habitat Homes for the Hounds” event in July.

The school that raises the most money will be left out of the “Dog House” while the losing school will
have a spot in our Homes for Hounds Dog House.

The JCA-Shorewood Fundraiser is this Thursday, March 2nd; the
Providence-New Lenox Fundraiser is March 31st.

We appreciate all your support.

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