JCA announces Spirit Raffle Top Sellers and Prize Winners

JCA’s annual Spirit Raffle concluded this week, with a drawing held this morning. Each year, the JCA Spirit Raffle is a supporting activity that helps reduce overall tuition by 10%, bridging the gap between tuition and the full cost to educate students.  Congratulations to the following students who have sold above and beyond their raffle quota: 1st Place – Senior Aryka Adelmann, 2nd Place – Senior Joseph Costa, 3rd Place – Junior Abigail Voss, 4th Place – Junior Michael Gurka, four ties for 5th Place; 5th Place – Sophomore Meghan Egizio, 5th Place – Sophomore Joseph Batusich, 5th Place – Freshman Thomas Tripp, 5th Place – Senior Thomas Pritz. Winners were selected this afternoon at JCA, with prizes ranging from $5,000 to $500.


The winners of the 2017 JCA Spirit Raffle are as follows:

1st Prize of $5,000 – Jane & John Lenart, grandparents of JCA students, Kendall & Kellen McLeod
2nd Prize of $2,500 – Bill Fitzgerald, grandparent of JCA students, Ben & Max Toborg
3rd Prize of $1,500 – Mark Karner, father of JCA student, Creighton Karner
4th Prize of $500 – Cindy Gould, mom of JCA student, Drew Gould
5th Prize of $500 – Tina Robanske, mom of JCA student, Devyn Robanske

Congratulations to all of the winners and to everyone who purchased raffle tickets.

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