Fr. Eduardo Agosta Scarel, O.Carm presents to JCA students on climate change

L to R: Fr. Nepi Willemsen and Fr. Eduardo Agosta Scarel

Father Eduardo Agosta Scarel, O.Carm (Carmelites) spoke to Fr. Nepi Willemsen’s theology classes today on climate change. Father Eduardo is a climatologist from Argentina who currently resides in Salamanca, Spain where he teaches at the State University.

The topic of his talk, which he gave at Mount Carmel High School yesterday, related to environmental justice, refugees and climate change.

Father Eduardo began by giving JCA students current information on global warming: the world climate in 2018, the level of warming at which we are now, existing alarm signs, potential risks we are already facing and the issue of refugees. He also connected these issues in a broad scope and reflected on them from the perspective of spirituality; specifically touching upon implications from Pope Francis’ second encyclical Laudato Si (“Praise be to you: On care for our common home.”)

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