A statement from the JCA administration

The Joliet Catholic Academy administration has always been open to hearing parent, student, alumni and community concerns. We regret that not all students felt comfortable bringing their issues to the administration or staff members. We are taking steps to ensure that all students’ voices and concerns are heard as we move forward. Joliet Catholic Academy will continue to maintain our commitment to diversity and inclusion.

As provided in the JCA Handbook: 

Respect for all Individuals: All persons, created in God’s image and likeness and called to become, as Saint Paul writes, “partakers of the divine nature”, are worthy of the highest respect and dignity as unique individuals and bearers of God’s presence in this world. 

With regard to individual employee personnel matters, it is the policy of Joliet Catholic Academy to refrain from commenting publicly until such time as public comment becomes appropriate.

In a June 3 press release the JCA administration has clearly stated our Carmelite and Franciscan beliefs, which are the foundations of our school, on the value of all human life in accordance with Catholic social teaching.





Dr. Jeffrey Budz
Joliet Catholic Academy President/Principal

Joliet Catholic Academy Administration and Board of Members

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