Alumni Career Day



Our annual Alumni Career Day will take place this year on Wednesday, April 24th!    We welcome our alumni to come back to JCA so our students can hear the stories of their journey from high school graduation to where they are today.  This is a great opportunity for alumni to provide service to the young men and women at JCA.  It is also an opportunity for current students to connect with alumni from the past graduating classes, representing a wide spectrum of careers.

Career Day Objectives:

  • to make the students more goal-oriented which will greatly assist them in deciding the next steps toward a career path
  • to encourage alumni to become connected to the mission of the school
  • to foster direct participation of the Alumni community in the lives of JCA students

Alumni Career Day will take place at the school from 7:45 a.m. until 2:45 p.m.  Participating alumni will be asked to give two 20-minute presentations.  Participants are invited to tell their unique story of how they got from SFA/DLS/JCHS/JCA to where they are now.  Further direction will be given after participation is confirmed.

Interested alumni should click on the link below by  April 12th.  Information regarding presentations will be distributed prior to the event.  Thank you for your help. Please contact Director of Alumni Relations Mrs. Sue Bebar with any questions at or 815.741.0500, ext. 269.

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