Kairos is a unique opportunity for students and faculty alike to place themselves in “God’s time.” As such, the annual retreat focuses on bringing the participants out of their everyday life experiences for self-examination and reflection on their personal dreams, goals and aspirations and how to achieve them.

In that way, Kairos retreats allow participants to get a better understanding of themselves and their station in life, as well as that of others, providing a greater understanding and empathy. This time truly is God’s time.

Girls Kairos Attendee List ~ March 15-18, 2016

Alena Acosta
Itati Acosta
Maddie Bauer
Lauren Crudo
Gia Dalesandro
Alyson Egizio
McCoy Hutchison
Taylor Isaac
Sheridan Kelly
Molly Kovas
Taylor Lackey
Camriana Marmo
Megan Meyer
Emily Miller
Emily Novak
Savannah Osborne
Jillian Parenti
Shannon Quinn
Michelle Robert
Katie Rotkis
Alysa Sandoval
Hailey Searing
Brenna Testa
Kelly Testin
Julia Weis
Grace Whalen
Alyssa Zadel

Andriana Acosta, Student Leader
Addy Alt, Student Leader
Caroline Amling, Student Leader
Makenna Earl, Student Leader
Mia Farrell, Student Leader
Samantha Legg, Student Leader
Megan Melone, Student Leader
Meg McNulty, Student Leader
Mrs. Suzi Arnett, Academic Resource Center
Mrs. Amy Douglas, Academic Resource Center
Sr. Barb Kwiatkowski, Campus Ministry
Mrs. Mary Ragusa, Admissions Office
Mrs. Claire Stockl, Mathematics

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