Kairos is a unique opportunity for students and faculty alike to place themselves in “God’s time.” As such, the annual retreat focuses on bringing the participants out of their everyday life experiences for self-examination and reflection on their personal dreams, goals and aspirations and how to achieve them.

In that way, Kairos retreats allow participants to get a better understanding of themselves and their station in life, as well as that of others, providing a greater understanding and empathy. This time truly is God’s time. All correspondence can be sent to JCA in person or emailed to jcakairos@jca-online.org

Please keep these Kairos Candidates and Leaders in your prayers.  

Kairos April 2024


Nicolas Bueno

Isaac Clauson

Liam Connolly

Sullivan Eleveld

Matthew Findley

Elias Gonzalez

Jake Jakovich

Michael Jaworski

Raymond Johnson

Frank Kafka

Nick Kania

Samuel Kottman

Connor Louthan

Michael Lynch

Nathan Magrini

Aidan Medina

Jaxon Norwick

Rocco Powell

Nicholas Ronchetti

Daniel Rouse

Malik Salah

Jeremy Sterrett Jr

Jack Superits

Alexander Valencia

Lukas Vydmantas

Elijah Watt

Maxwell Corral

Damien Flores

Roland Frey

Dillan Johnson



Marcello Aguilar

Griffin Alessio

Connor Cumbee

Thomas Dvorak

Edward Keegan

Brady McKeon

Jack Moberg

Nathan Novak

Dr. Rob Bailey

Mr. Cory McDermott

Mr. Joe Gura

Mr. Matt Schumacher


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