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ANNOUNCEMENTS for November 16, 2018

Lunch: Burger Bar, Pizzas and Deli Station
Soup of the Day: Creamy Potato

Joliet Catholic Academy is honored to have an extraordinary class of Shadow Guests visiting with us today. Our guests today represent the following schools:

St. Mary Immaculate
Drauden Point
Minooka Junior High
Liberty Junior High
St. Raymond
St. Mary Nativity
Madison Junior High
Trinity Christian School

We hope you enjoy your day with us here at JCA and we look forward to welcoming you in the near future!

Winter Weather Preparedness Week:

Good morning. My name is Nick Hjerpe of the JCA Weather Club. This week is WINTER WEATHER PREPAREDNESS WEEK across the state of Illinois. Here is today’s special announcement:

Having your disaster plans and emergency preparedness kits ready is your best way to stay safe from winter weather. Your primary concerns are loss of heat, power or a lack of supplies. At home or work, have at least a three-day supply of food that requires no refrigeration or cooking in case of power failure. Have an emergency water supply in case water pipes freeze. Have extra batteries available for flashlights, radios, smoke alarms and cell phones. Have adequate medicine, first aid, and other supplies you may need in case you cannot leave home for a few days. Have an alternate heating source, like a fireplace, wood stove, space heater, or warm blankets available, in case your primary heating source fails. In vehicles, items to carry should include blankets or extra clothing for warmth; a first aid kit, flashlight, and booster cables; a shovel and non-clumping cat litter sand to create tire traction if your vehicle gets stuck; bottled water and protein bars for nourishment. You may wish to carry paper products for sanitary purposes; water proof matches, a metal can and candle, for heat and light.
This concludes winter weather preparedness week. If anyone is interested in a winter weather safety brochure, please stop by room 219 to pick one up.

JCA’s Fall Production of Neil Simon’s “Rumors”

Thank you to Mary Allgood & Conor Klump from the cast of JCA’s Fall Play Rumors, for that sneak preview this morning. Congratulations to the entire cast, crew, and staff for a fantastic opening night performance.

Tickets for the Fall Play “Rumors” are only available at the theatre. The remaining performances include this evening, and Saturday evening at 7 pm, as well as a special understudy performance at 1 pm on Saturday. All tickets are $10 and can only be purchased at the door. Please see Ms. Szynal if you have any questions. (Szynal)


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