Freshman Registration

Class of 2027, 

Freshman registration, upon receiving your acceptance letter to Joliet Catholic Academy, is due by the March 1, 2023 Freshman Registration Deadline. Once Freshman Registration is completed, the JCA Business Office will be providing a link to the FACTS Tuition Management online billing platform, based off the payment plan selected. Please direct any Freshman Registration questions to the JCA Admissions Office at or 815.741.0500, ext. 214.

Important Note: In order to officially complete registration the following forms must be physically turned into the JCA Main Office.

  • Required documentation due to the Health Office prior to the first day of school:
    □ State of Illinois Certificate of Health Examination, version 11/15
    □ State of Illinois Dental Exam, version IOCI 0600-10
    □ State of Illinois Eye Exam, version 06/09 ONLY for Students new to the State of Illinois
    school system (meaning they have never attended a State of Illinois school).
    □ Emergency Action plans are requested for those students with asthma, diabetes, epilepsy
    (seizures) and severe allergies who may require the use of an epinephrine auto-injector.
    □ Students from outside of the USA or that travel outside of the USA, are required to contact the
    Health Office for further requirements.
    □ Medication Administration Authorization, if applicable. No student shall possess or consume any
    prescription or non-prescriptive medication (also known as over the counter OTC). For
    detailed information, see JCA’s Medication Administration Policy on the school’s website.Health forms are available on the JCA website at:

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