JCA Passing Jamboree Rules

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Dear Coach,

On behalf of the coaching staff at JCA, we are happy to welcome you and your squad to our inaugural Youth 7-on-7 Passing Jamboree. You will have three sessions that last 55 minutes each. (5 minutes will be spent organizing/moving to new fields for the next session schedule wise). Our format is rather simple. Each team will alternate two sets of 10 plays from the 35-yard line (40 yard fields). Each team will then have one set of 5 plays from the 5-yard line or goal line area. If time permits, after those 50 total plays, both teams can move back to the 35-yard line and alternate 4 plays until time runs out. If time does not permit, you and your team can take a short break and get ready for the next session. We will not have any 1st down chains or clock running in between plays. The ball will return to the original line of scrimmage after every snap. Teams may move to different hash marks on the 35-yard line at their discretion. We encourage you and your staff to coach on the run to get things moving. Each team will also have a Joliet Catholic coach assigned to them at registration and throughout the day to help out in moving along the pace of play. We really want you to coach the passing game and defensive coverages. If you want to script your plays, that may also be helpful. If possible, we encourage a center snap to be used at the start of each play.

Other suggestions:

  • All plays should be of a passing nature.
  • Each team will be responsible to supply their own football for their offensive team session.
  • Please label your footballs to avoid and confusion if balls are lost or misplaced (JCA will not be held responsible).
  • A ball boy would be useful.
  • Please bring a set of scrimmage vests in case two teams have the same school colors.
  • Since we will not have a clock on the QB, he should throw within a reasonable time frame (approximately 4 seconds). As there is no “winner” or score, do not worry if coverage sacks occur.
  • All games will be played on natural grass, so cleats should be worn.
  • If available, we will have a certified athletic trainer on site to assist your basic needs. Please make arrangements with your staff if special needs are required.
  • We will have water stations, and concessions with water and Gatorade available for your athletes.
  • In case of wet weather, please bring towels to keep your footballs dry. In the event of severe weather, we will not have a rain date and programs will be reimbursed their $50 registration fee.


Since your athlete’s safety is extremely important we want your staff and players observing the following guidelines:

  • There is no blocking.
  • A ball player is “downed” when touched by an opposing player (one hand – no shoving).
  • A defensive player should not dive to make a tag/keep both feet on the ground.
  • There are no fumbles – the ball is dead when it hits the ground.
  • When in doubt – avoid collisions and any roughness.
  • Helmets must be worn by all players actively on the field.
  • Mouthguards must also be worn.

Other Thoughts:

  • Please respect our facilities and clean/pick-up after your sessions are completed.
  • We will not tolerate (nor should you) any profanity or poor sportsmanship by players or coaches.
  • Since this will be an annual event, we want to take pride in the examples of sportsmanship and leadership we can pass on to the participating coaches and players. We all have the same goal in mind and that is to serve and lead the young men in charge.

Please contact JCA Director of Admissions Ryan Quigley with any questions or concerns at rquigley@jca-online.org or office: 815.741.0500, ext. 214 or mobile: 815.690.1745


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