Shadow Visit FAQ’s

Shadow Visit FAQ’s

• What takes place on a shadow visit? During first period, shadow guests will be taken on a tour and have the opportunity for one-on-one conversation with a member of the Admissions team. Second thru eighth periods are spent with a JCA student getting to understand both the academic and social aspects of our school. Lunch is provided at no cost.

• When can I shadow at Joliet Catholic Academy? We welcome all seventh and eighth-grade students to schedule a shadow visit. We host Shadow guests on most Fridays between the months of September and April. In addition to individual shadow visits, JCA also offers a 7th grade “Step Up Day” in March.

• I am a high school student, can I shadow? The decision to change high schools is one that takes careful consideration. Parents of potential transfer students should contact the Vice Principal’s office to begin the conversation by calling 815.741.0500.

• How do I schedule a shadow visit? We ask that shadow visits be scheduled no later than the Wednesday of the week preceding the Friday visit. Shadow Visit Registration closes at 12 p.m. on the Wednesday preceding the Friday Shadow visit.  If you wish to request a shadow visit, please complete the online form. Please note that all visits must be approved and confirmed prior to the grade school student arriving at JCA. Once your request is submitted, a member of the Admissions teams will contact you to confirm and answer any additional questions.

• Can I request a person to shadow with? If you know a current JCA student you would like to shadow, be sure to make that request while scheduling your visit. Typically we pair our 7th and 8th graders with a freshman or sophomore, but we also understand that some of our guests feel more comfortable with an upperclassman and will make every effort to accommodate.

• When and where should I arrive for my shadow visit? All Junior High students shadowing should arrive by 7:40 a.m. in the Main Office of the school (the doors facing Larkin Avenue). A representative from our Admissions Office will be there to meet you, introduce you to your JCA host and provide you with a complimentary lunch ticket for the school cafeteria. If parents would like a tour of the school or need any questions answered, we encourage them to come in the morning with their child.

• I attend JCA’s 8th grade Math and Science program. Can I shadow after my classes are over? Yes! At the end of your class time, the Admissions Office will connect you with your host student and provide you with a lunch pass.

• What is my attire for the day? Fridays at Joliet Catholic Academy are generally a Spirit Day. Students wear a Joliet Catholic Academy t-shirt, sweatshirt or jersey, jeans/shorts and gym shoes. Junior High students can wear any school appropriate t-shirt, jeans and gym shoes.

• What time does the day end? The school day ends at 2:40 p.m. and you can pick up your child at the main entrance (the doors facing Larkin Avenue). There will be a line of cars forming for pickup which you may pass and proceed north to the Main Entrance. There is no need to come in; your student will come outside to you.

• What else do I need to know? This is an exciting day! You will be introduced to the many areas that make Joliet Catholic Academy an excellent Roman Catholic college preparatory high school for boys and girls. Ask as many questions as you can think of because our faculty and students are ready to share their experience and knowledge with you.

• For more information: Contact the JCA Admissions Office 815.741.0500. Click Here to download a Shadow Visit permission form.

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