Christian Service

All Joliet Catholic Academy students are required to complete Christian Service hours. Hours must be completed by the stated deadlines. Students will receive a pass/incomplete grade for Christian Service.

For more information, contact the Christian Service Hours Director at 815.741.0500.

Click Here to download the Christian Service Hours form.

The expectations are as follows:
  1. Freshmen will complete 5 hours total (2 hours to be completed during the first semester and 3 during the second semester).
  2. Sophomores will complete 10 hours total (5 hours to be completed during the first semester and 5 during the second semester).
  3. Juniors will complete 15 hours total (7 hours to be completed during the first semester and 8 during the second semester).
  4. Seniors will complete 30 hours total (15 hours to be completed during the first semester and 15 during the second semester).
These hours must meet the following criteria:
  1. Must be completed outside of school hours.
  2. May be completed during the summer.
  3. Must be completed without any form of monetary payment.
  4. Must be supervised by an adult other than a direct family member.

The service must allow for direct involvement in the lives of others. Half of the total hours required may be devoted to working for institutions such as Joliet Catholic Academy and the other half must involve working directly with people in need – for example, the economically deprived, the elderly, the sick, etc. The Christian Service Hours Director is responsible for making the final determination of whether the student’s reported service qualifies as hours for institutional or people in need.

  • On or before September 19: Verification of summer hours from all students must be presented to the Christian Service Hours Director.
  • On or before the end of the fall semester: Verification form submitted with at least 2 hours for freshmen, 5 hours for sophomores, 8 hours for juniors and 15 hours for seniors. Earned summer hours may be included in these totals for all students.
  • On or before April 13: Verification form submitted with the remaining 15 hours for seniors.
  • On or before the first Friday of May: Verification form submitted with the remaining 3 hours for freshmen, 5 hours for sophomores and 7 hours for juniors.

Failure to meet these requirements and deadlines will result in a failing grade for Christian Service. An “INC” incomplete grade will not be included in the calculation used to determine Academic Probation. No semester hour credit will be given for Christian Service. Therefore, the “P” grade for passing will not yield any credit toward the credits needed for graduation. The Christian Service grade will only be posted on the report card at the conclusion of each semester. This grade will appear on the student’s transcript.

Any senior who fails to complete the required service hours will not receive a diploma until the hours are completed and verified. In addition, seniors who do not meet the April deadline will not be allowed to participate in any extracurricular activity until hours are completed and verified. Parents will be contacted when the student fails to meet deadlines and will be reminded in writing of the consequences of this failure. The Christian Service Hours Director will publish a list of approved and recommended agencies and work sites whereby a student may earn service hours jointly. This list will be made available to the students (on the Christian Service PlusPortals page) and made part of the Course Expectations.

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