JCA has been selected as a Microsoft Showcase School. “Microsoft has recognized your institution as a Showcase School, an elite group of schools that exemplify the best of teaching and learning in the world today. Only a few institutions earn this designation.” Congratulations to the staff, students, and parents of Joliet Catholic Academy. It is a great time to be Angels and Hilltoppers!


  • Joliet Catholic Academy is one of only three Microsoft Showcase Schools in the state of Illinois.
  • JCA is 1 of 42 Microsoft Showcase Schools in the United States.
  • The state of Illinois has 30 Microsoft Innovative Educator Experts (MIEE). JCA employs 8 of them!

JCA Technology- Where Tradition Meets Tomorrow

During the 2018-2019 school year, JCA completed the 1:1 initiative that was started in 2016. Every student will have his or her own personal Windows-based laptop to be used both in class and at home. As a college preparatory school, a device for every student is imperative to ensure that our graduates are not only able to meet the technological demands at the university level but are able to stand out among the competition.

In an effort to make high quality devices possible for every student, families have the options to purchase one of the devices that have been chosen as strong options, through a convenient online portal provided by JCA. If it is preferred, students can bring their own chosen device that meets the specifications set forth by the school. Specific information about the devices and portal is sent to incoming freshmen families around May of their 8th grade year.

Incoming Freshmen and Transfer Computer Letter 2024

Microsoft School
What makes JCA’s technology stand out? JCA is a Microsoft School. This means that our students will leave high school knowing how to utilize the vast resources provided by Microsoft 365. Our graduates will be comfortable both in the desktop and cloud-based versions of Microsoft, which will set them above the competition who are most often only fluent in cloud-based applications. As the most used platform at the university level and in the workplace, Microsoft goes beyond the competition in its complexity and ability to be used creatively. We want our students to be ready to take on the technology that they will encounter when they leave our school as proud graduates.

Technology Courses and Clubs
At JCA, we work to keep our technology courses and clubs current, keeping up with what is new and exciting for our students while continuing to cover the basics that will lay the foundation for their technology use throughout their lives.

• Computer Applications I and II
• Robotics and Engineering
• Digital Photography and Editing
• Yearbook
• Newspaper
• Computer Science
* AP Computer Science
• Graphic Design Clubs
• Photography
• Broadcasting
• Technology
*New course for the 2018-2019 school year.

iPads are available for teachers to use with their classes, granting them access to additional apps that help to supplement the devices that they use daily.

Online Textbooks
JCA acknowledges the benefits of both traditional and online textbooks, and chooses a format based on the course in which it will be used. It is an ongoing process as JCA adds courses each year to the list in which online textbooks are available, while still respecting the preferences of families, students, and educators.

Help Desk
A great relief to students and parents alike, the Help Desk is available to student from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. daily. Located in the library, our Help Desk is the first stop for any student computer issues. If the issue cannot be resolved quickly, a device will be loaned to the student so that the learning process is not disrupted while our tech team looks into the issue further. Most issues are resolved in-house. However, when a device needs to be sent out to be worked on, JCA can access the warranty information, contact the company, ship out, and receive the device back without any extra work for then family, provided the device was purchased from the portal provided by the school.

Tech Team
Along with full and part time technology teachers, JCA has tremendous technology support for both teachers and students. JCA is prepared and invested to move forward into the future.

• Laura Pahl- Associate Principal – As the leader of the Technology Department, Ms. Pahl has been integral in defining the vision for technology here at JCA and propelling us forward for the past four years. Ms. Pahl can be reached at

• Brian Jones- Director of Technology- The mastermind behind the operation, with experience both in the corporate and education worlds, Mr. Jones keeps JCA equipped with the most current infrastructure and devices. Mr. Jones can be reached at

• Jeffrey R. Budz – Technology Infrastructure Specialist- Mr. Budz is always working to keep our technology up to date and devices working properly. You can reach Mr. Budz at

• Aimee Schertz- Technology Integration Specialist- As an experienced teacher herself, Mrs. Schertz provides the staff with ongoing professional development, motivation, and resources to help support teachers in furthering the integration of technology at JCA. Mrs. Schertz can be reached at

• Kimberly Blackburn- Help Desk Manager- Help is never more than a few steps away for any student that encounters an issue with a device. Mrs. Blackburn provides prompt help and can quickly supply a laptop to borrow if the issue requires more time. Therefore, students can quickly get back to learning with minimal interruption. Mrs. Blackburn can be reached at

• Mary Ostrem- Technology Teacher- Laying the foundation for success in high school and beyond, Mrs. Ostrem exposes students to a plethora of apps and programs that expand their knowledge and provide the framework for the learning experiences within the content area classrooms. Mrs. Ostrem can be reached at

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