Diversity and Inclusion

Our Mission Statement

“Inspiring growth in knowledge and faith since 1869, the Joliet Catholic Academy family creates an environment that cultivates opportunities for academic excellence, meaningful service, Christian respect and Catholic values in the traditions of the Carmelites and Franciscans.”

Diversity Statement

“Inspired by our Catholic faith, JCA boldly embraces the challenge to create a culture of acceptance that celebrates differences and upholds justice for all.”

We are Stronger, TOGETHER

The world we live in consistently becoming more and more diverse every day. All us bring our own unique layers of our lives within interactions and it is helpful to recognize and appreciate these arrangements within ourselves that shapes how we feel, think, and act. Below is a list of ways that you can help bridge this important topic:

  • Openly challenge your own stereotypes and assumptions in front of/with your children.
  • As parents, it is important to talk to children about the differences they see. You are one of the best models on how to treat others; let them see you consistently, positively, and intentionally engage with others that may not look like you or have your experiences.
  • Never ending journey-often times, as we learn and understand more about others, we also learn more about ourselves; what and how we value constructs such as love, morality, and family.
  • Be purposeful about household entertainment; are there books that promote diversity and understanding? Do their games have characters of color? It is also greatly beneficial to be aware of how you talk about others that look or behave differently than you and your family.
  • Last but not least, make sure you are taking care of yourself!!Develop a self-care plan with strategies that work for you and your family: take a nap, clean a room, take a walk, go for a drive, or call a friend/family member.

In short, it is essential that kids learn about diversity outside of school and the classroom; diversity is learning shoulder to shoulder with others that can bless our own experiences with a different perspective.

Helpful Links

Parenting in a Diverse World

Parent’s Guide to Preventing and responding to Prejudice 

University of Washington-Dimensions of Diversity

Don’t Put People in Boxes (video)

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Black History Month

Special Activities and Events throughout the month of February 2021
  • Bulletin Board and school hallway quote and Black history facts decorations
  • Anti-Racism Workshop
  • Feb. 17 – Rhythm & Revolution Black History month event-hosted online by Stax Music Academy an online concert featuring music of Aretha Franklin, Al Green, The Jackson 5, jazz, original music by SMA students, and spoken word. Limited tickets available, contact Ms. Cameron
  • ACDC will have various staff/faculty record short lessons on a less well-known Black American and talk about their contribution to American history.
  • Black poetry/Black facts during daily announcements.
  • Virtual movie night
  • Newsletter out to JCA community with historical facts, recipes, and list of Black owned businesses in the area
  • Alum Maya Akai (SFA ’90) is going to do a special edition of her podcast MAYA (My Ambition, Your Ambition) just for JCA students and Black History Month. **
  • Dancin’ Around Dance Studio dance performance (virtual)







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