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Joliet Catholic Academy’s Counseling Department delivers a comprehensive, developmental, results-based school counseling program that promotes and enhances student success. The Counseling Department consists of four school counselors, the Director of Diversity & Inclusion, and a counseling secretary. Our Director of Diversity and Inclusion works with our students to make sure each and every one of them feels valued at JCA. School counselors offer individual counseling and deliver a counseling curriculum focused on their students’ growth in three domains: academic, personal/social development, and college/career. The college/career counselors design and provide resources and curriculum for college/career readiness, collaborates with the school counselors, and works with students and their families throughout the college search and application process. Students are assigned a college/career counselor at the beginning of their junior year.

Counseling Department Faculty & Staff


Tom Gilbert   

815-741-0500 ext: 225  Freshmen & Sophomores A-K
Kris Horn 


815-741-0500 ext: 264


Director of Counseling/Freshmen & Sophomores L-Z


Kerri Voltz 


815-741-0500 ext: 265


Juniors & Seniors A-K


Jackie Pullara


815-741-0500 ext: 266


Juniors & Seniors L-Z


LaKisha Cameron


815-741-0500 ext: 279


Director of Diversity & Inclusion


Annie Farnaus  


815-741-0500 ext: 267


Counseling Secretary




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College Planning & Applying to College

Career/Major Exploration

Mental Health Resources

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