Strategic Plan


“Expanding our Legacy”

Goal A – Curriculum and Instruction – By 2028: JCA will evaluate and build upon our solid foundation of curriculum and instruction and our ultimate student goals of graduation and college / career life.

Goal B – Building and Grounds – By 2028: JCA will examine various facets of our Building and the surrounding grounds and implement strategies to have the best possible environment for our students, visitors, and community.

Goal C – Spirituality and Sponsorship – By 2028: JCA will continue to infuse our Carmelite and Franciscan and Catholic mission throughout all school programs and our community.

Goal D- Student Life – By 2028: JCA will build upon our efforts to make sure that ALL students and families feel welcome and that we provide a diverse number of opportunities in all facets of JCA life for students to be involved and succeed.

Goal E- Teacher Retention and Professional Development. – By 2028: JCA will continue to focus on our faculty and staff and encourage an environment that is built on morale, teacher retention, and professional development.

Goal F- Institutional Advancement (Admissions, Marketing, Development) By 2028: JCA will continue to evaluate our overall Development program which includes Admissions, Communications, Development, Alumni and Special Events and work to build upon what is already set in order to offer new opportunities which in turn will produce a JCA education for all that are interested.

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