Strategic Plan

 Strategic Plan 2013 – 2018

 GOAL ABy 2018, JCA students and faculty will grow in their understanding and practice of our distinctly Catholic identity and our Franciscan / Carmelite tradition, while strengthening our ties to the past.  


1) Develop and strengthen JCA’s Christian Service Program through opportunities and service based learning projects that cultivate and include a philanthropic environment throughout the JCA community.
2)  Illuminate and educate students, staff, parents, and the community in Franciscan / Carmelite spirituality and traditions through guest lectures and professional development opportunities.
3) Explore ways to increase the presence of Franciscans and Carmelites in marketing collateral material, social media, and photographs of our Catholic identity (i.e. pictures  of our prayer garden, small chapel, campus ministry, service work with Sr. Barb and Father Jeff) and key recruitment events.

GOAL B – JCA will enhance excellence in teaching and learning by developing high impact educational practices, implementing the necessary supports, with the goal of equipping students with 21st Century* skills by 2018.  (*critical thinking, problem solving, communication, collaboration, and technology use)  


1) JCA will expand project-based learning to all subject areas and across all curriculum levels.
2) Instruct coaches and moderators how to implement technology into teaching of their sports and activities.
3) Encourage continual professional education for faculty and staff by engaging speakers and attending classes / seminars focusing on the newest ideas in education and technology.
4) Build the infrastructure across all departments including academic, athletic, guidance and alumni for communicating important statistics to marketing including ACT scores, accepted and offered scholarships and alumni college graduation rates.

GOAL C – By 2018, JCA will enhance the learning environment by modernizing the physical plant and strengthening the safe, family-oriented school culture.


1) Develop a comprehensive financial modeling plan which notes projects, cost estimates and timelines to modernize and upgrade the building / curb appeal, strengthens the safety of the school and upgrades technology with annual review by the schools finance committee.
2) JCA will enhance the physical appearance and functionality of the school, both externally and internally.
3) Execute small, yet impactful annual initiatives – outside commons area honoring our four founding schools.
4) Develop a Capital Campaign for Buildings and Grounds, Technology and Financial Aid.
5) Enhance Wi-Fi and cabling to provide reliable internet service to all areas in the building with enhanced speed (bandwidth and servers).

GOAL D  – By 2018, JCA will adopt more effective, measureable management practices to ensure long-term quality and viability. 


1) Ensure that all management decisions reflect Catholic and Franciscan / Carmelite values such as honesty, integrity, and compassion.
2) JCA will document and “advertise” the use of standardized test results to continuously improve the curriculum.  This documentation will show a direct correlation between test results, improvements in curriculum, and follow-up results showing that the improvements are effective.
3) Manage and upkeep all athletic facilities and develop resources to hire and retain quality coaches and moderators.
4) Develop and implement a preventative maintenance budget and plan that would keep the existing physical plant and building in good working order and explore an asbestos removal plan.
5)  Evaluate and adjust the annual tuition rates to provide management with the resources to attract / retain the very best teachers, enhance marketing, provide a state of the art facility and promote tuition assistance.
6) Initiate fall coffee meetings with freshmen families to cross communicate their concerns and questions with JCA goals and strategies.

GOAL E  – To become the school of choice for any student who desires a Catholic high school experience, JCA will identify, increase and improve our outreach to community partners.


1) Reach out and reconnect with athletic and activity alumni.
2) Involve the coaches and moderators more in marketing events, especially those events that lead to enhanced enrollment.
3) Create articulation teams with both Catholic and public schools, providing opportunities to discuss curriculum transitions with teachers in “feeder schools” and with non-traditional feeder schools once a student has chosen JCA.
4) Explore ways to embrace and celebrate the value of diversity by engaging current Eastern European, Hispanic, African American, and Asian students and their   families in marketing and recruiting initiatives.
5) Partner with parents to strengthen a school environment that fosters a sense of belonging, enhances a joy of learning, honors diversity and promotes respectful,       responsible and caring relationships.

Our Future:


1) Develop a plan to renovate and reconfigure the JCA chapels and library, using the space of the current library as a chapel and the current large chapel space as a new     media center / library.
2) Explore plans to create a stadium-like atmosphere where the track is located to serve all outdoor sports and further ingratiate JCA to our community, including Field Turf and replacement of the Track, Bleachers and Scoreboard, Remodel, modernize, and build a locker room in the concessions / maintenance building.
3) Improve the educational environment of JCA by addressing those areas in the building that need renovating: existing rest rooms, chemistry labs, and cafeteria.
4) Improve the security and safety of the building by reconfiguring the entrance to the building, upgrading the security of exterior entrance doors, improving the fire alarm.

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