Strategic Plan


“Onward Together”

GOAL A: By 2023, JCA will expand curriculum design to afford all students opportunities for well-rounded academic achievement and personal growth.


  1. Embed respect for God’s creation throughout JCA’s curriculum, particularly by implementing new and revising existing electives, (e.g. “World Religions” in Theology*, “Justice, Peace, and Integrity of Creation – JPIC” inter-curricular), and so expand the opportunities to collaborate beyond department boundaries.
  2. Investigate an Annual Goal-Setting Initiative for all students leading to a final senior capstone project.
    1. Beginning with freshmen, all students will create annual learning, service, and personal growth goals.
    2. At the end of each academic year, all students will reflect on their work toward their goals and make notes on potential goals for the following academic year.
    3. These goals will be stored in the student e-portfolio and will factor into the Senior Capstone Project.
      1. Introduced to Freshmen
      2. 4 years of e-portfolio creation
  • Project (paper, video, artwork, etc.)
  1. Seniors reflect on growth as Christian, Learner, and Leader
  2. Graduation Requirement
  3. Create partnerships with local businesses and organizations (e.g. USF Nursing program) to utilize the upcoming Innovation Research Center providing necessary tools and infrastructure to advance science, technology, and art initiatives.
  4. Encourage faculty to use technology in the classroom and employ online teaching instruction and classroom learning so students can access instructional materials and assignments 24×7.
  5. Develop as part of the teacher’s curriculum an in class professional speakers’ schedule.
    1. Experts in their field
    2. Alumni Association collaboration

GOAL B: By 2023, Joliet Catholic Academy will infuse our distinctive Carmelite/ Franciscan identity throughout our community.


  1. Deepen Catholic identity by encouraging and recognizing stronger and more active participation in Catholic life, both student body as well as faculty/staff with a focus on an established mentorship program which features servant leadership.
  2. Transform JCA into a Chapel-Centered Community developing programs and activities to educate and further instill Carmelite and Franciscan core values in our community…
    1. Explore creating a school tagline “JCA – Zealous for the Lord and always faithful” (O.Carm.: Zelo Zelatus, and OSF.: Semper Fidelis)
    2. New Chapel as Campus Hub
    3. Freshmen begin in Chapel
    4. Seniors end in Chapel
    5. Guest speakers
    6. Student presentations
    7. Frequent masses
    8. Meet/Greet space

… while maximizing Service-Based Learning.

  1. Research and identify community needs
  2. Plan and execute service
  3. Reflect on the experiences in Chapel Presentations


  1. Prepare a “state of the school” address and “community Open House” co-sponsored by the Franciscans and Carmelites to tell the JCA story. We want to update past parents, business/community leaders, alumni and friends on the latest accomplishments of JCA.


  1. Challenge all clubs and athletic teams to perform additional community service hours as a team, each wearing JCA spirit wear/uniform.


  1. Develop and implement a values-infused curricular program focused on digital citizenship and digital strategy.


  1. Develop a Carmelite/Franciscan Tradition award for a male and a female Freshman, Sophomore and Junior who would be identified each year for excelling in leadership skills, service, spirit and a solid GPA. These students would be identified and nominated by their teachers.  Freshman would receive the St. Therese of Lisieux Award (female) and the John of the Cross Award (male); Sophomores would receive the St. Clare (female) Award and the St. Francis (male) Award; Juniors would receive the Our Lady of Mt. Carmel (male) Award and the St. Francis of Assisi (female) Award.  This would be an award of prestige and would not be associated with any kind of financial benefit.

GOAL C: By 2023, JCA will elevate the practical competency of our students through curriculum opportunities with service, life skills, and community-based instruction.


  1. Identify programs within the school walls that develop life-skills and create a work-force development program through partnerships with the City of Joliet, Joliet Area Chamber of Commerce, and Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parish.


  1. Investigate through either a club or pilot program a path for students to learn practical life skills (e.g. basic banking, investing).
    1. Involve parents and alumni to learn the process of being an entrepreneur.
    2. Entrepreneurship class/club


  1. Create opportunities for students to learn “Help Desk” competencies through proactive training and by providing related content and oversight for them to develop resources (video, FAQ) to assist faculty and students with technology trouble tickets.


GOAL D: By 2023, JCA will continue to improve our facility and seek opportunities to utilize our community resources.


  1. Address the capacity issues faced by the Performing Arts Program by negotiating a partnership with local theatres (e.g. The Rialto Square Theater, USF, Lewis University, Bicentennial).


  1. Develop a plan that identifies the size, capabilities, location and funding sources for an onsite auditorium.


  1. Identify security needs and implement improvements and corrective measures to ensure the safety of the JCA community.


  1. Develop a concept proposal for the Innovation Research Center and Technology Center for students, faculty, parents, and donors. Students will utilize the Innovation Research Center to …


  1. Enhance collaboration
  2. Heighten technology skills
  3. Further develop research skills
  4. Work in an advanced learning environment

… to best prepare each student to be successful at the university of their choice.

  1. Seek to improve the outdoor sports facilities with a multi-purpose turf field, improvements to the surrounding outdoor athletic facilities (Softball, Tennis, Baseball, Track & Field, Soccer, and Lacrosse), and also repurpose the existing outdoor shed to include working bathrooms, locker rooms, and concessions. Investigate combining resources and shared facility space with the University of St. Francis, becoming a “hub” for Catholic grade school, high school, and college students.


  1. Develop a partnership with the Joliet Park District to set up a multi-year contract to utilize their facilities for several athletic teams and student wellness.

GOAL E: Using established baselines, JCA will demonstrate increased data-driven decision making, by 2023.


  1. Create an on-line survey for students to complete at the end of each school year, allowing constructive critique of the following:
    1. Curriculum
    2. Safety
    3. Spirituality
    4. College readiness
    5. Family environment


  1. Build upon and expand the ongoing curriculum review by collecting and examining data regarding course offerings.
    1. Enrollment data
    2. Student interest
    3. Trends in secondary and post-secondary curriculum
    4. Data-based rationale for adding, deleting, and/or keeping courses
    5. Course Sequencing
    6. Pre-requisites
    7. Course Scheduling Options
  1. Create systems and databases that allow for new student enrollment and financial aid modeling, student participation tracking, academic course offerings, and measures of institutional effectiveness.


  1. Put formative and summative student assessments online to provide meaningful data to support academic initiatives, teaching strengths and opportunities, and support course/curriculum design.

GOAL F: By 2023, JCA will increase available resources to expand enrollment and outreach both geographically and demographically.  


  1. Encourage active steps to continue and further expand financial assistance to allow all families to attend while JCA partners with local businesses for specific student needs.


  1. Implement a Planned Giving Program committed to staying active in the field and gaining insight from experts to increase larger gifts to JCA through estate planning.


  1. Foster relationships with area parish priests, principals, and teachers through articulation meetings.


  1. Promote collaboration with our local feeder schools. Encourage athletes, those involved in activities, coaches, and moderators to attend local feeder school events (e.g. sporting events, band competitions, etc.).
    1. Explore the expansion of the Band Program
    2. Work with Joliet Diocese


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