Joliet Catholic Academy offers the following for students who are in need of assistance with their academic studies.

Philip A. Troha Family Math Lab

All students are eligible to receive assistance through teachers and/or computers during their homeroom period. Faculty members are available to help students with their math assignment and/or to improve their understanding of math concepts and applications. Students may leave their homeroom, with the math teacher’s authorization, to report to the math lab for assistance.

The D’Arcy Family Writing Center

Teachers are available during periods D, E and H to provide assistance to students wishing to improve their writing skills across the curriculum. Assistance will also be provided to students who need help with a specific writing assignment.

National Honor Society Assistance

Peer tutoring is available from junior and senior National Honor Society members before and after school on Wednesday. Personal appointments are available to better fit a student’s schedule and/or academic need by contacting the National Honor Society moderator.

Teacher Assistance

Students can always ask their teachers for assistance. It is the student’s responsibility to take the first stop to secure assistance outside of the class period. In addition, the student’s counselor is typically available for guidance and consultation.

Academic Resource Center

The Academic Resource Center complements the JCA curriculum by offering support to those students diagnosed with mild-to-moderate specific learning disabilities and/or attention deficit disorder. Students entering this program will receive supplemental instruction one period per day in a small group setting with an emphasis n the academic content of their college preparatory classes.

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