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Job Title: Math Teacher

Accountable to:  Vice-Principal for Faculty and Operations

                                 Vice-Principal for Curriculum and Technology

Interested candidates please submit a cover letter and resume to Vice-Principal of Curriculum and Technology Laura Pahl at lpahl@jca-online.org


The teacher shall be contracted by the school to carry out the normal program assigned to her/him by the Administration during the course of the academic school year.

The teacher shall agree to accept, promote and give witness to the values and mission of Joliet Catholic Academy, to teach students of Joliet Catholic Academy and further to perform such duties and responsibilities as set forth by the Academy, to abide by the policies, rules and regulations of Joliet Catholic Academy as contained in the Faculty Handbook.

By doing all of the above, the teacher will, by example and leadership, advance the development of Joliet Catholic Academy both academically and spiritually.

Job Title:  Technology Integration Specialist

Interested candidates please submit a cover letter and resume to Vice-Principal of Curriculum and Technology Laura Pahl at lpahl@jca-online.org


  • Proficient with Plus Portals, Microsoft Classroom/Teams, and the entire Microsoft Office 365 Suite, with emphasis on Microsoft OneNote
  • Proficient with Windows 10
  • Proficient with the Edge, Chrome, and IE browsers
  • Experience with a 1:1 Initiative highly preferred
  • Illinois Teacher License Type 03 or 09 preferred

Primary Roles and Responsibilities

  • Enrich and support teaching and learning with research ­based instructional strategies while strengthening the technology skills of faculty.
  • Collaborate with instructors to support their use of technology in delivery of curricula through a variety of instructional methods integrating the use of hardware, software and Internet resources in support of student learning.
  • Create and build an online resource of professional development opportunities monthly and share them with the intended participants.
  • Coordinate the design, planning, support, professional development and implementation of technology use in teaching, learning and curriculum for the purpose of improving student learning in all subject areas.
  • Direct the integration of the technology across the curriculum in collaboration with the Vice Principal for Curriculum and Technology and faculty.
  • Work in conjunction with the Vice Principal of Curriculum and Technology to plan academic technology initiatives.
  • Collaborate with the Director of Technology on implementation of technology programs.
  • Evaluate educational technology programs for the purpose of providing recommendations for the integration of educational technology into the curriculum.
  • Stay up to date with emerging educational technology trends by exploring newly released software and staying active in online Edtech communities.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of content, curriculum and pedagogy and actively seeks opportunities to continue learning about curricular initiatives and instruction.
  • Have extensive knowledge of multiple assessment measures and data analysis to identify trends in district and school data for the purpose of improving student achievement.
  • Assists in the development of the curriculum scope and sequence and the school’s Technology Plan.
  • Provide professional development aligned with the school’s technology goals.
  • Actively seek out resources to enrich teachers’ skills in implementing the curriculum and integration of technology.
  • Create an environment of respect and rapport in working with all stakeholders.
  • Serve as a model of curriculum and technology implementation.
  • Undergo an evaluative review with the Vice Principal of Curriculum and Technology annually.
  • Perform other duties and responsibilities as assigned by the Vice Principal of Curriculum and Technology.


Created 5/23/2017




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