Employment Opportunity

Chemistry Teacher


The teacher shall be contracted by the school to carry out the normal program assigned to her/him by the Administration during the course of the academic school year.

The teacher shall agree to accept, promote and give witness to the values and mission of Joliet Catholic Academy, to teach students of Joliet Catholic Academy and further to perform such duties and responsibilities as set forth by the Academy, to abide by the policies, rules and regulations of Joliet Catholic Academy as contained in the Faculty Handbook.

By doing all of the above, the teacher will, by example and leadership, advance the development of Joliet Catholic Academy both academically and spiritually.


Chemistry teacher 


Bachelor degree in Education or related field 



How to Apply

Please email letter of interest and resume to Associate Principal, Laura Pahl – lpahl@jca-online.org 


There are currently no other employment opportunities available. 

Please email resume and interest to our Associate Principal, Laura Pahl (lpahl@jca-online.org) for consideration for future openings. 




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