JCA Math Team Finishes fourth at ICTM State

Math team members competed at the ICTM Regional competition at Lincoln-Way East H.S. on Feb. 24, 2018. Here are the results for the ICTM Contest:
Calculator Team: 1st place (State Qualifier)
Jr/Sr 8-Person Team: 3rd place (State Qualifier)
Jr/Sr 2-Person Team: 3rd place
Fr/So 2-Person Team: 3rd place
Algebra I Team: 1st place
Pre-Calculus Team: 3rd place
Oral Presentation Team: 3rd place
Individual State Qualifiers in Algebra I: Fr-Zachary Bertino; Pre-Calculus: Sr-Matt Gochee
ICTM State Finals at University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana, May 5, 2018:
Calculator Team: 4th Place—best finish at state finals to date. Matt Gochee, Emma Markun, Jack Smith, Zack Bertino
Matt Gochee: Precalculus finished 28th out of 148
Zack Bertino: Algebra I finished 106th out of 150
Joliet Junior College Math Contest March 7, 2018:
2nd place- Sequences and Series category (seniors)
2nd place-Congruence category (sophomores)
Members of Math Team that competed throughout the competitions:
Seniors: Matt Gochee. Hannah Markun, Emma Markun, Sarah Markun, John Matthews, Caitlyn Spreitzer, Ryan Surin
Juniors: Cordeilia Wagner, Jack Smith, Sydney Pucel, Emily Morrisette, Erin Johnson, Kylie Weis, Saptarshi Saha, Alissa Araneta
Sophomores: Nate Bebar, Claire Dow, Morgan Linneweh, Sarah Brzezinski, Megan Gochee, Stephanie Bertino
Freshman: Zachary Bertino, Sara Neville, Alvic Araneta, Emma Oswalt

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