Homecoming Week Dress Themes – 4/12-4/16

Homecoming Week  

Dress-Up Day Themes 


Students should use Spirit Day guidelines in determining what is acceptable. 

Not ACCEPTABLE Any day  

No homemade clothing, anything interpreted as a sexual drug or alcohol reference, backless sandals or shoes, inappropriate length shorts, exposed and/or bare skin, low cut or bare midriff, clothes in bad taste, too tight, too small, too short clothes 


Monday, April 12 – Pajama Day   
Acceptable  Additional Not acceptable 
Uncombed or unwashed hair   SEE ABOVE 
Boxers (must be worn with shorts/leggings/sweats)  Too tight or short pajamas, lingerie 
Long underwear ( must be worn with short over)   
Pajamas Closed heel slippers   
Sweatshirts and t-shirts   
 gym shorts   
Tuesday, April 13 – Space Suit  Not acceptable 
Spacesuit- all one-color clothing e.g. Grey shirt and shorts/ sweats  SEE ABOVE 
Wednesday, April 14 – 1/2 Day Live Remote – No Uniform/Spirit Day  Not acceptable 
Thursday, April 15 –Silver and Blue Day   SEE ABOVE 
Freshmen and Sophomores Dress in Silver   
Juniors and Seniors dress in Blue   
Friday, April 16 –Super Fan  Not acceptable 
Wear JCA Colors  SEE ABOVE 
  No Face paint 

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