JCA inducts six for 2012 in Hall of Fame

Barb Bertino (from left), Virginia Lovell-Mladic, Peg Stoiber, Dave Douglas, Marge Lakota and Chris Voss were named to JCA's Hall of Fame. (Photo by Bill Scheibe)

JOLIET – They have been revered as pillars of the Joliet Catholic Academy community for decades. Barb Bertino. Dave Douglas. Marge Lakota. Virginia Lovell-Mladic. Peg Stoiber. And Christine Voss.

In an event organized by Bill Pender, JCA’s Assistant Principal, those six longtime, respected employees of the college preparatory high school for boys and girls were inducted into JCA’s Hall of Fame.

Now known as the Class of 2012, they were cheered on by the entire student body, faculty and past inductees James Barello, William Bayci, Rosemarie Costa, Ed and Gloria Dollinger, Sheila Fry, Frank Golf, Mary Anne Hartnett, Jose Lopez and Sr. Faith Szambelanczyk, OSF, the retired President/CEO of JCA.

Jeff Budz, JCA’s Principal/CEO, praised Pender for his efforts in staging the ceremony and noted that each inductee earned “the rest of the day off.” A lunch was served in Heritage Hall in their honor.

A short biography on the newest members of JCA’s Hall of Fame follows, in order of induction.

CHRISTINE VOSS: Currently the Special Events Manager at JCA, Voss has been married to Bob for almost 44 years and they are the proud parents of three sons, Jonathan, Jared and Joel. Szambelanczyk, her presenter, credited Voss as being someone of faith, family and flair who makes a difference. Voss kidded Pender that he kept her so busy preparing lunch, she was in shock, but considered herself “lucky. I feel so lucky to be in an environment where people work together for the common good – our students.”

BARB BERTINO: Currently the Guidance Counseling Administrative Assistant, Bertino is married to Jim and they are the proud parents of Mary, Lory, Tara and Mike. Costa, her presenter, credited Bertino for her work ethic and commitment to the spiritual well-being of JCA’s students. “She lives the mission statement of JCA,” Costa said. “Her husband Jim knew he would have to share her with JCA.” The modest Bertino said, “I am humbled and honored to be included with this group into the Hall of Fame.”

MARGE LAKOTA: Currently a math teacher at JCA, Lakota is married to Jerry and they are the proud parents of Kris, Greg, Bill, Karole and Laurie. Jeannie Bell, her presenter, praised Lakota by saying, “some people pass through our lives and we are never the same; sometimes, you don’t know the impact they make until years later. We’ve been lucky to be touched by such a person.” Lakota said, “I’m shocked. I don’t know what to say except that God led me here to JCA and it has been an honor to teach here.”

VIRGINIA LOVELL-MLADIC: Currently Pender’s Administrative Assistant, Lovell-Mladic has three children from her first marriage, Chad, Ryan and Shawn. She is married to Jim. Sr. Barbara Kwiatkowski, OSF, her presenter, praised Lovell-Mladic for the courage she showed after the death of her first husband. “In 24 years, I have never heard an unkind word or saw an unkind deed from Virginia,” Sr. Barb said. Lovell-Mladic said, “God has led me on this journey of life, and when I wanted to go right, he made me go left.”

DAVE DOUGLAS: Currently the Boys Athletic Coordinator and a math teacher, Douglas is married to Amy, JCA’s Learning Resource Program Coordinator, and they are the proud parents of Steven, Erin and Patrick. Barello, his presenter, reminisced of coaching Douglas in his first teaching job and confirmed that Douglas has “a gift for honest speech. His biggest attributes are loyalty and a work ethic. He’s loyal to family, loyal to friends, loyal to JCA.” Douglas said, “This is very special and I’m appreciative of it.”

PEG STOIBER: Currently an art teacher at JCA, Stoiber is married to Norm and they are the proud parents of Tom and Brian. Cory McDermott, her presenter, credited Stoiber as being “a shining example of the Carmelite and Franciscan values. As a student, I witnessed it firsthand. As a fellow teacher, I see how she gives of herself for the love of this school.” Stoiber said, “I’ve been crying since Chris Voss was introduced and I haven’t stopped yet. I love teaching here and I’m here for one reason – our students.”

— Bill Scheibe, Director of Communications

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