JCA’s summer camps successful

Once the school year ends, Joliet Catholic Academy opens its doors and fields to students aged Pre-K through 8th grade for a variety of summer camps.  JCA hosts upwards of a dozen camps for future Angels and Hillmen. Such camps range from athletics to fine arts. In the time of social media, video games, and digital over-consumption, Joliet Catholic Academy gives young people a chance to disconnect from the everyday and re-engage with the world around them.

During our camps, kids are able to be kids and spend time with other young people in their own age group with shared interests be it music, drama, physics, football, volleyball or baseball. The majority of our camps took place on our campus, utilizing our own fields, classrooms, and gymnasium.  JCA’s own teachers and coaches took time out of their summer break to connect with future Angels and Hillmen.

The choice of camps include athletic camps such as dance camp (led by Coach Natalie Minarich), football camp (led by Coach Dan Sharp), and volleyball camp (led by Coaches Christine Scheibe and Rhyen Staley) among several others. On the academic and fine arts front, campers could participate in physics camp (led by Jake Ziesmer), musical theater camp (led by Jen Szynal), or drawing camp (led by Peg Stoiber), just to name a few.

At our athletic camps, whether campers are beginners or seasoned “vets” , they are able to jump in and get started at their appropriate level. Campers were able to learn from JCA’s best, our coaches and our student-athletes. They receive fundamental instruction, hone basic skills and get to be champions at JCA.  At our fine arts and academics camps, campers are encouraged to be critical thinkers and get in touch with their creative side. While physics camp piqued their curiosities and got their brains going with exciting experiments, our fine arts camps let their minds wander. Fine arts camps encouraged free expression and creative exploration in a safe and accepting environment. Fine arts camps culminate with a performance or project to share with family and friends.

This year’s summer camps were a great success and Joliet Catholic Academy can’t wait to open its doors again next summer for another year of inspiring camps with future Angels and Hillmen!

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