Dual Credit Opportunity

The following is valuable information for students who are enrolled in either Pre-calculus, Statistics or Psychology II for the upcoming school year. These classes have the opportunity to earn free college credit through Joliet Junior college. This credit can be transferred to most 4 year colleges and universities.

If you plan on earning Dual Credit from Joliet Junior College for either of the math courses, you must take the Compass test through Joliet Junior college.

Prior to taking the Compass test, students need to obtain a JJC student id number by filling out the Dual Credit student application: the link is on the JCA web site along with a link for times and locations for taking the compass test.  Students will need to bring their JOLIET JUNIOR College Student ID number with them to take the compass test.

The Compass test should be completed by the end of July.

We encourage all students who are enrolled in these courses to take advantage of this opportunity to reduce their college tuition costs.
Link to fill out online application for Dual Credit through Joliet Junior College:


Link for times and locations of Compass Test through Joliet Junior College:



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