46 alumni share their journey from high school to where they are today

2015 career day

JCA hosted their first annual Alumni Career Day on Wednesday, April 22nd from 7:45 a.m. until 2:45 p.m. Throughout Career Day, 46 JCA alumni, representing a wide spectrum of careers, provided a great service by making a direct connection to the young men and women at our alma mater, while also connecting with alumni from the classes of 1959 – 2008.

Alumni gave two or more 20-minute presentations, telling their unique stories of how they got from Joliet Catholic Academy to where they are now. Alumni Director, Sue Bebar, summarized the day in two words – “Thank you!” All day and throughout the week that followed Career Day, students and faculty expressed heart-felt appreciation for the visiting alumni, and those same alumni were just as grateful for being with us. Mrs. Bebar was amazed at how many alumni thanked her for arranging the opportunity for them to come back and speak to students.

Alumni presenters included:  Jennifer Adler ‘ 03, Kate Ambrosia ’05, Patrick Bannon ’85, Matthew Bertani ’79, Duffy Blackburn ’96, Robert Bodach ’89, Michelle Brenczewski ’91, Michael Carbery ’76, Patrick Cardwell ’88, Jennifer DeGeus ’91, Frank DiBartolomeo ’81, Nick Dispenza ’06, Moira Dunn ’95, William Dutkiewicz ’59, Domonic Egizio ’84, Ragan Freitag ’99, Joe  Frescura ’88, Tom Giarrante ’59, James Glasgow ’68, Stephanie Gruber ’02, Eileen Guitierrez ’80, Michael Gurka ’83, Diane Habiger ’62, Jennifer Howard ’82, Raquel Kairis ’08, Mark Karner ’82, Dan Kennedy ’60, Jim Kubalewski ’60, Andy Lausch ’90, Les Lindholm ’64, Dustyn Martincich ’00, Brien McHugh ’74, Ray McSteen ’83, Dan Mihelich ’84, Joan Papes ’88, Matt  Peksa ’94, Rebecca Rudaski ’06, Wayne Schewe ’88, Matthew Schimanski ’98, Jane Schmig ’76, Jamie Sovcik ’83, David Streitz ’06, James Whitmer ’74, and Lawrence Wiers ’66.

Special thanks goes out to everyone who participated in JCA’s 2015 Alumni Career Day!

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