An important update regarding JCA Youth and HS Summer Camps

Future Angels and Hilltoppers,

Each summer Joliet Catholic Academy welcomes over 900 grade school students to the home of the Angels and Hilltoppers. JCA offers 21 different camps to accommodate campers’ individual interests via Academic, Athletic, Activity, and Fine Art Camps. Our accomplished teachers and coaches enjoy working with campers so they can have fun, learn something new, and improve their skills. Camps are available to those of all ages, ranging from four-years-old all the way up to incoming freshmen.

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a stay-at-home order and has ushered in unprecedented times for us all; putting a hold on going to school, participating in spring sports, clubs and extra-curriculars. During my time as a Hilltopper, and my siblings as Angels, we were blessed to be led by legendary Hall of Fame coaches and teachers. They taught us that no matter the situation, Angels and Hilltoppers never give up. We respect all opponents, but fear no one.

The Victory Light, which looms large on campus at 1200 N. Larkin and is visible on car decal stickers all across the country, symbolizes much more than wins and state championships. It is a beacon of hope for what a community can accomplish when its followers come together as one with Christ as a central focus. Hilltoppers and Angels are taught to overcome adversity and work together. Our experienced JCA staff and coaches instill life skills that are needed now more than ever. The work ethic instilled at JCA in our off season and during practices is paramount to producing leaders not just on the field, but in the hallways, creating a brotherhood and sisterhood that lasts far beyond four years of high school.

You all are the future of “The Hill”. While this time may seem disappointing as it disrupts our normal routines, find a way to battle through adversity and savor this time we have with family. Do more for your parents, become closer with your siblings, and use this time to grow stronger in your faith. This will pass…and our Angels and Hilltoppers will come back stronger than ever, prepared to meet the challenges put forth in front of us.

*At this time JCA’s online registration for youth and high school summer camps is suspended as we navigate the flexible COVID-19 situation. Please check for updates. The JCA Admissions staff will update prospective campers via e-mail when camp registration is available, camp postponements and rescheduled dates. JCA faculty and coaches will make every effort to reschedule, pushback, or hold camps in mid-summer, late-summer, or the fall when possible. Online registration will be available. Camps may be limited in participation numbers based on state guidelines.

Go Angels! Go Hill!

Ryan Quigley ’03
Joliet Catholic Academy – Director of Admissions and Communications
Office: 815.741.0500, ext. 214

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