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Academic Resource Center Director / Instructor                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Accountable to: Academic Resource Center Administrator 


  • Oversees the daily operation of ARC student and staff performance. 
  • Collaborate with staff members and teachers from various departments to plan long and short-term goals for participating ARC students. Coordinate with Joliet Township High School (LEA) to ensure that proportionate share funding is being utilized throughout the year. 
  • Coordinate with LEA consultant to plan and schedule annual ISP meetings (First semester) 
  • Attend public school IEP meetings for future JCA students (2nd semester) 
  • Arrange for appropriate staff to attend ISP meetings and coordinate with Associate Principal’s office for meeting location and substitutes.
  • Develop and write academic ISP goals. 
  • Develops and writes 504 plans  
  • Advise parents and provide feedback and support regarding ARC program and level placements. 
  • In conjunction with the admissions office, organize accommodations for incoming freshmen with documented educational plans. (Second semester) 
  • In conjunction with admissions office and administration organize summer school program and its roster of students. (Second semester) 
  • Attend annual timely and meaningful consultation meeting with LEA director. 
  • Member of the Student Service team – attend meetings 
  • In conjunction with the counseling department determine ACT test accommodations 
    • Update teachers on resource students’ accommodations 
    • Resource periods  
      • reteach and review students class curriculum 
      • prepare for tests  
      • Teach study skills 
      • Teach organizational skills 
    • 1 Duty period 


– Bachelors Degree in Special Education or related field 

– Preferred experience (5 years or more) 




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How to Apply

Please email cover letter and resume to Ms. Laura Pahl (Associate Principal) lpahl@jca-online.org and Mrs. Suzi Arnett (Academic Resource Center Administrator) sarnett@jca-online.org 

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