JCA announces Spirit Raffle winners

On October 20th, the JCA Fall Spirit Raffle concluded with the official raffle drawing in the JCA administrative board room. Each year, the JCA Spirit Raffle is a supporting activity that helps reduce overall tuition by bridging the gap between tuition and the full cost to educate students. Congratulations to all Winners! What a great day to spread some happy news to people who support JCA.
1. $15,000 winner – Pete Wilson of Romeoville. (sold by Kera Fitzgerald)
2. $5,000 winner – Gary Ross (Grandfather of Grace & Abigail Dulinsky)
3. $2,500 winner – Sandra Osburn (Grandmother of Alex & Elaina Osburn)
4. $1,000 winner – Ken Gilroy (Dad of Taylor Gilroy)
5. $1,000 winner – Doug Adamic (Uncle of Lauren Weiss)
Congratulations to all of our winners!
Our top student sellers for the raffle were:
1st Place – Kera Fitzgerald (Sophomore)
2nd Place – Adante Washington (Freshman)
3rd Place – Demetrios Dactelides (Senior)
4th Place – Cameron Whately (Freshman)
5th Place – Frank Schuler (Freshman)
To everyone who sold a raffle ticket, purchased a ticket or supported this fundraising event, JCA wishes to thank you. According to Chris Voss, JCA’s Director of Special Events, “JCA recognizes the hard work and dedication of our families. They are the heart and soul of this fundraiser. Our top student sellers did an outstanding job of selling.”

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