English Department

The mission of JCA’s English Department is to teach a philosophy that exceeds a high academic level, one that challenges students to examine and interpret the human condition & the inter relatedness and responsibility of all people. Our goal is to help students connect literature to the human experience by strengthening problem solving and critical thinking
skills so that students have superb decision making abilities and a sense of self-worth.

What makes JCA’s English Department special?

  • All English teachers at JCA focus on diversity within the classroom: Instructors vary techniques of teaching and assessment throughout the department (projects, homework, quizzes, tests, paragraph writing, short essays, long essays, memorization, etc.)
  • Summer Reading Program requirement for all levels of English for all four years at JCA. This requirement focuses on the continuation of learning over the summer and sets the tone for the English classroom on the first week of school
  • Emphasis on research-based writing within the English classroom in order to effectively prepare students for writing at the collegiate level
  • Annual Shakespeare Fest is a celebration of English, literature, and one of the most influential writer/playwright/poets within history. The fest is hosted by senior English classes and performed for all of the student body
  • Writing Lab staffed by English teachers for students to receive additional one to one assistance with cross-curricular writing assignments


Samantha Bush ’07 holds a Bachelor of Arts in English and a Bachelor of Arts in Secondary Education from the University of St. Francis. Mrs. Bush also received her Certificate in Secondary Education from USF. She received the Sister Beatrice Schiller Award from the USF English Department for excellence in English courses.

Celeste Mackey holds a Bachelor of Arts in  English from Governor State University. Mrs. Mackey also received her Certificate in English Secondary Education from Governor State.

Christine Schiebe holds a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education from Illinois Wesleyan University. Mrs. Scheibe received her Certificate in Elementary Education with endorsements in Language Arts, French and Social Studies.

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