Shadow Visit Registration

Shadow Visits for the 2018-2019 school year will be posted shortly.

Please contact the JCA Admissions Office at 815.741.0500, ext. 214 to schedule a private family tour or meeting.

JCA Shadow Visit


Seventh and eighth grade students may schedule a shadow visit to JCA for most Fridays during the school year from September through April.

Guests must dress appropriately and are expected to act in accordance with JCA’s rules and standards. Guests who do not follow disciplinary rules will be asked to leave JCA immediately. It will be the responsibility of parents/guardians to pick up the student if such problems occur.

It is the responsibility of the student guest to inform his/her Junior High School of their visit to JCA. Guests are encouraged to make sure that their absence from school is excused and should arrange to make up missed school work.

Upon arriving at JCA, student guests should report to the Main Office and pick up a visitor and a lunch pass.

Thank you for visiting JCA!

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