scheibed_croppedJoliet Catholic Academy is proud to announce the creation of a new scholarship, The Scheibe “We Believe in Angels” Memorial Scholarship, founded by faculty member Christine Scheibe and her husband Bill. Christine teaches English and is the head coach of the Girls Varsity Volleyball team. Both Christine and Bill are dedicated to the team and more importantly Joliet Catholic Academy.

The Scheibes were excited to share the news of the “We Believe in Angels” scholarship fund and posted the following letter for the JCA community on the Joliet Catholic Academy Girls Volleyball Facebook page.

Since this news will be released in the next JCA “Our Tradition” newsletter…Bill and Christine Scheibe are proud to announce the creation of The Scheibe Family “We Believe in Angels” Memorial Scholarship, a $25,000 endowed scholarship that will be fully vested by Jan. 1, 2014.

The beauty of an endowed scholarship at JCA: 1. It lasts a lifetime. 2. Anyone can contribute. To put it into context, it takes approximately $250,000 in an endowed scholarship for ONE student to attend JCA for ONE year. While this is one of the biggest financial commitments we have ever made, we understand it is only a small drop of water in the ocean that is known as tuition assistance.

Bill and Christine feel strongly about honoring the memory of his mother, father, and brother, all of whom died in a recent 14-month stretch. The “We Believe in Angels” is inspired by JCA’s first girls volleyball state championship, when that banner was hung from the rafters at ISU’s Redbird Arena and became a hallmark of the program.

We believe in JCA. We believe in Jeff Budz, Ed Mayer, Dan Sharp, the administration, the board of directors and board of members, the Carmelites, the Franciscans, and the finest faculty and staff that we consider our “second” family. We are humbled and honored to have this opportunity to help further a cause incredibly dear to both of our hearts, and that’s a faith-based Catholic education at JCA.

If anyone would like to contribute to this scholarship, please contact John Horn, JCA’s Director of Development and one of Bill’s closest friends, at 815.741.0563 or by email at jhorn@jca-online.org. We trust John completely. It doesn’t have to be much — $10, $20, $100, whatever amount. Every little bit counts. Our dream is to grow this scholarship to the point that, someday, at least one student won’t have to worry about attending JCA.

Thank you to all the Angels and Hilltoppers that have touched our lives and God bless.


Bill and Christine Scheibe

Donations to The Scheibe “We Believe in Angels” Memorial Scholarship should be made payable to Joliet Catholic Academy. Please note Scheibe Scholarship on your payment.


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