Important Financial Aid Deadlines for Returning JCA Students

JCA Parents,
March 1, 2018 is an important deadline for returning families seeking financial assistance through Joliet Catholic Academy, the Joliet Diocese and the Catholic Education Foundation. Families that have completed a FACTS application for JCA Leveraged Financial Aid will also be eligible. One application with a fee of $30 covers potential financial aid both from JCA and from the Diocese. It allows JCA to in a sense “stack” financial aid, building competitive aid packages for students with financial need. As a reminder, in order to receive financial assistance from JCA or the Catholic Education Foundation FACTS must be filled out each year with updated financial information. JCA and the CEF do not award need-based financial aid without a verified FACTS application. FACTS also has a helpline that can assist with questions regarding your application.
Also, the application date for an Illinois Tax Credit Scholarship has been moved to Tuesday, February 27, 2018 at 7 p.m. Applications are on a first-come, first-serve basis, so it is important to complete the application on the on the 27th to reserve your spot in line. Empower Illinois (the scholarship granting organization the Joliet Diocese is working with) will then e-mail you at a later date to complete the application. JCA’s Admissions Staff can assist families with their applications if there are any questions. If you are unsure about Tax Credit Scholarship eligibility, please see the below information about the Invest in Kids Act and Empower Illinois. The Tax Credit Scholarship application is free of charge. More information on the program and family eligibility can be found below and at
Mr. Ryan Quigley ’03, M.B.A.
Joliet Catholic Academy – Director of Admissions and Communications
815.741.0500, ext. 214

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